Finding The Problem for a Better Solution

Finding The Problem for a Better Solution

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Most people don't realize that the the flooring in their home is one of the top most expensive expenditures they will ever make. Just like any other major investment, floors require care and maintenance. Purchasing quality products is not enough to insure that they will last a long time. They must be installed properly and maintained regularly. If either isn't done you can count on one thing - the floor is going to go into distress and/or possibly completely fail.

That's where Florida Floor Inspector, LLC. (FFI) comes in. Something has gone wrong and the finger pointing process begins. There are typically 4 parties involved when a floor goes bad. The manufacturer, the retailer, the installer.... and you. It's possible that the manufacturer turned out a product that didn't quite meet their specifications. It's possible that the retailer ordered the wrong product. It's possible the installer didn't understand the Manufacturers and/or Industry Standards for Installation Guidelines requirements of the floor. And lastly, it's possible that you are doing something wrong in the care, maintenance and usage of your floor.

Florida Floor Inspector, LLC. job is to sort through the details, gather the relevant information, and arrive at a conclusion that determines the cause of the failure. Most of the time that is enough. However, there are times when even though the cause is identified, no one wants to take responsibility for it. When that happens, the next step is usually litigation.

The goal of Florida FFI is to offer prompt, courteous and honest inspections for a commissioned party involved at both residential and commercial locations. By utilizing FFI, you will receive a complete, unbiased professional inspection by a well-trained, experienced Certified Flooring Inspector. At FFL, we believe in continuous education through industry workshops and re-certification training offered through Flooring Consultants and Inspection Training Services. By focusing on continuing education in the flooring industry, we offer the most comprehensive and informational inspections available in the floor covering industry today.

Florida Floor Inspector inspects Carpet, Laminate, Hardwood, Pre-Finished Wood, Ceramic Tile, Vinyl, LVT, PVC, Marble, Stone, Granite, Travertine,& Porcelain Tiles


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